Sam E Caswell

The first victim in this case woke up to find Sam Caswell standing over her with a knife in his hand. She started to scream and Caswell told her to shut up and told demanded oral sex. When she continued to refuse he punched her in the head twice and then stabbed her in the chest. Fearing for her life, the victim quit refusing and submitted to Caswell's demands. 

A few months later another female victim also woke up to find Caswell standing over her with a knife in his hand. She started to scream and was also told to shut up. Her scream, however, woke her nine-year-old daughter who was sleeping in the bed next to her. The child begged Caswell not to hurt her mom and she was told to shut up as well. Caswell told the he wanted oral sex. Fearing for her and her daughter's safety, she complied. He then told the nine-year old to take off her nightgown, which he used to tie her up. After tying her up, he put her on the floor and vaginally raped her.
After vaginally raping her proceeded to orally rape her a second time.
After having raped her a third time, Caswell jerked the nine-year old up off the floor. While swinging the knife he told the women that he knew where her daughter went to school and that if she called the police that he would kill her.
On both these nights Caswell stole items from his victims, too. He took money, jewelry, and he stole the knife he used to stab the first victim.
Sam Caswell is dangerous. He has violently raped at least two strangers - one in front of her nine-year-old daughter - after breaking into their homes. He stabbed one and threatened to kill a nine-year old. At this point in time he has yet to sever serve his minimum sentence.

Madison Correctional Institution
Aggravated Burglary
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