Rodney J. Crooks

Rodney Crooks was originally in prison for committing multiple burglaries. During at least one burglary, the home owner woke up after hearing people rummaging around . When the owner went upstairs, she found Crooks and a codefendant. They forced her back downstairs, told her they were inside already so they were taking something, and forced her into her bathroom before leaving,

Later, after being released on parole, Brooks broke into another home. This time he decided to do more than to just steal things, this time he decided to rape the victim. He went into the victim's bedroom and held a knife to her throat. Without thinking, she tried to push the knife away and ended up having her hand cut.

Crooks then told her to remove her pajama bottoms, at which time, he viciously raped the victim.

Crooks has moved from burglary to rape. He has proven that he cannot live in civilized society. He should, therefore, serve his maximum sentence.

Belmont Correctional Institution
Aggravated Burglary
Aggravated Robbery
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