Lionel Harris

Harris, along with Matthew Pearson, conspired together to murder Ellen Bradley.  Harris had married Ellen in July 1991.  Oddly, Ellen kept the marriage secret from her friends and family.  Many of Ellen’s friends were especially surprised to find out that she and Harris had gotten married because Harris never showed any interest in her.

Regardless, after the marriage, Harris had Ellen, who was a waitress, take out more than a million dollars in life insurance and had her name him as the primary beneficiary.  After the insurance policies had been taken out, Harris and Pearson arranged for Ellen to be someplace they felt they could safely kill her.  They then shot her to death.

Harris, who is suspected of being involved in other murders, planned out the assassination of his wife in the hopes of financial gain.  He was rightly sentenced to life in prison and there is no reason he should be released even a day early.

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